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We have Innovative Solutions That Allow Customers to Connect Using Different Platforms That help Build Engaging Marketing Campaigns to Attract More Business and Reach Your Customer and Innovative Proximity Marketing Strategies.





Automate Hundreds of Customer Conversations at Once, By Chatbot, You Can Answer More Questions, Generate Leads, and Cose More Deals Faster.

With BotConnect you Can Direct the Audience to The Customer Service Bot Menu, it’s like a Small Website Shows Them the Common Information such as Welcome Message, Products, About the Company, Opening Hours, Contacts, Locations, and Feedback or Reviews.

It Can be Tailored Depending on Your Business, There is a Specialized BotConnect for Each Business, for Human Resources, Schools, Recruiting Companies, Car Dealerships, Restaurants, Banks, Healthcare, Hospitals, and Much More...

Loyalty BotConnect

Advance Level of Business Marketing, You can Also Create Coupons, Loyalty Programs, Membership Cards, Event Tickets, Competition Cards, Stamp Cards, and Webinar Tickets


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WiConnect allows you to Communicate a Message to Your Customers, Through WiFi Logins. This Message Can be Welcoming them to Your Business, as a New Customer, or Promoting Offers and Ads That Your Business Wants to Offer.

Social Media Marketing

As a Digital Strategy, We Use Social Media Networks to Manage and Grow Your Business and Online Presence. To Increase Awareness of Your Products and Services, Connect with Customers, and Reduce Potential Damaging News. We Help You to Select Your Method of Marketing as Per Your Budget and Reach a Wider Audience at a Minimum Cost.





Fawariq Digital Marketing

is a Technology & marketing Services Agency, founded in the USA. specialized in providing innovative technology marketing solutions for businesses in all sectors such as marketing by WiConnect, Facebook Messenger, including being one of the first agencies in Jordan using new Marketing technologies focus on ROI, and our overall strategic approach is to providing measurable results.

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what we do?

We customize professional Digital Marketing technology for our clients to achieve the greatest success in the business. FAWARIQ aims to promote your brand and market your products or services to the audience and increase your sales and revenue.

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our goals

Fawariq Digital Marketing is committed to providing high-quality end-to-end services in Digital Marketing based on the knowledge and experience that we believe can be achieved and committed by helping you grow your business and leverage your brand using the latest technology and innovation.





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